Who we are.

We love building brands and elevating experiences. Our experts do this through both single and omnichannel work focused on positive user engagement that improves your bottom line. One team of experts to partner with you. From production and design to copywriting and ad placement. We drive results and show you the data behind each success and any infrequent failure.

image of Ai-Vy Dang - Design Intern
Ai-Vy Dang
Design Intern
Ai-Vy Dang is a Graphic Design student at Cal Poly SLO. She is passionate about all things design. Beyond her computer screen, you can find her building furniture, tending to her many plants, or spending time with her pup Misty.
image of Christina Baba - Senior Designer
Christina Baba
Senior Designer
Christina Baba is a visual storyteller with a decade of design experience from agencies and in-house marketing teams. She understands both business and consumer needs, brand identity, packaging, environmental design, and digital marketing and provides the utmost care for each client’s unique project. When she is not designing, you can find her doing BODYCOMBAT, watching a Sacramento Kings game, and enjoying the outdoors.
image of Holly Horton - Sales Director
Holly Horton
Sales Director
Hailing from NorCal, Holly Horton did what anyone would in a pandemic: move to NYC! Having spent a decade in the wine and hospitality industries, she is fascinated by every experience a bottle, restaurant, or resort may bring. Find her at the farmers' market dreaming up new recipes to create in her tiny kitchen—and toasting each win with a coupe of Champagne!
image of Josh Emmerling - Sales Manager
Josh Emmerling
Sales Manager
Josh Emmerling comes to eStreet.co with over a decade of experience within the outdoor and action sports industries, bringing innovative sales experience and compelling marketing strategies to accounts. When the workweek is over, his time is spent exploring the PNW with his wife, their newborn son, and dog Zorro.
image of Kayla Koroush - Brand Manager
Kayla Koroush
Brand Manager
Kayla Koroush has been working in food and beverage for the last 10 years. She earned her M.S. in Strategic Brand Communication, where her skills grew in consumer research and brand messaging strategy. Kayla is a mom of a precocious little boy and obsessively consumes podcasts and Trolli gummy worms. She also likes to critique food and beverage packaging, making grocery visits last two hours.
image of Kayla Webb - Copywriter
Kayla Webb
Kayla Webb is a copywriter with a passion for the craft of writing and the power words hold. Though she spent a few soggy years in Seattle earning her bachelor’s degree in English Literature and Creative Writing, she currently resides in her hometown of Sacramento, where she can be found sharing the coziest reading spots with her cat, Nona.
image of Liz Coffee - Illustrator & Designer
Liz Coffee
Illustrator & Designer
Liz Coffee is an accomplished designer, illustrator, and marketer. Her work combines wit and current culture, making for a unique mixture of well-illustrated subjects and clean design. Liz resides in California's capital, where she is happiest cooking a new recipe for her partner and sometimes sneaking scraps to her bulldog, Banksy.
image of Liz Franco - Designer
Liz Franco
Liz Franco is a visual designer with a penchant for creating thoughtful designs for blooming brands with big ideas. With a knack for marketing and social media, she delivers clear-cut, cohesive assets. When she's not pushing pixels, the Sacramento native is probably picking up her wine club, trying out a new air fryer recipe, or chasing around her rambunctious toddler.
image of Maria Valenzuela - Web Designer
Maria Valenzuela
Web Designer
Maria Valenzuela is a web designer with experience in both advertising and graphic design. She understands the ins and outs of digital responsive design and has an eye for detail. Pixel perfection and visual storytelling are where her strengths lie. She lives in Sacramento with her husband and 3-year-old daughter, and her best weekends are spent at a local winery or brewery.
image of Natascha Patterer - Brand Manager
Natascha Patterer
Brand Manager
Natascha Patterer is a sommelier and cicerone living in New York City with a lust for bringing eclectic juice to beverage nerds across the country. Her previous experience includes building award-winning wine and cocktail lists for notable restaurateurs and after being a part of seven restaurant openings, she knows how to give the people what they want. When she's not spell-checking wine lists, you can find her practicing yoga, experimenting in the kitchen, or cat-calling cute dogs on the street.
image of Paul Munoz - Account Director
Paul Munoz
Account Director
A fixture in the Lodi wine industry, Paul Munoz built and marketed a brand that became the #1 Zinfandel in the U.S. in 2015 and 2016, increasing sales by 15%. With over almost two decades in the industry, Paul has done it all, including sales, PR, and even winemaking.
image of Raychel Sabath - Director of Brand Partnerships
Raychel Sabath
Director of Brand Partnerships
Raychel Sabath is a 360-degree marketer with over a decade of experience in the live entertainment industry. Raychel spearheaded successful marketing campaigns that boosted brand recognition, social media following, and email subscribers. At eStreet.co, she launches integrated partnerships for a number of wine industry clients.
image of Sarah Sharpe - Social Media Manager
Sarah Sharpe
Social Media Manager
Sarah Sharpe is an experienced social media marketer fascinated by the psychology behind the way customers consume social, from captivating and engaging content to a seamless path to purchase. She has built her career in the F&B and hospitality industries and enjoys the buzz of the biz - and the wine! When she’s not strategizing social, you can find the Denver native outside running, hiking, snowboarding, at the beach with her dog, or hitting up the latest local hotspots around San Diego.
image of Sierra Stalcup - Copywriter
Sierra Stalcup
As a copywriter, Sierra Stalcup has a knack for clear, concise communication. She holds a bachelor's degree from U.C. Berkeley and a master's degree from Free University in Berlin. Sierra has helped a wide range of clients share their unique stories with the world. On weekends, you can find her camping, hiking, or enjoying some sunshine.
image of Tessa Turner - Account Manager
Tessa Turner
Account Manager
Tessa Turner holds a bachelor of science from CSU, Sacramento and previously studied in Germany. She enjoys hiking with her son and long-distance running with her German Shepard, Staley.
image of Tim Mynett - Partner
Tim Mynett
Tim Mynett started eStreet.co to elevate the voices of underrepresented entrepreneurs in the winemaking and beverage industries. Before eStreet.co, Tim became an expert at raising money for progressive campaigns and causes, such as Alliance for Justice and Angelina Jolie’s Global Action for Children. By cultivating strong relationships with diverse groups of constituencies, Tim embodies eStreet.co's mission of empowerment.
image of Victoria Ortega - PR Manager
Victoria Ortega
PR Manager
Victoria is an accomplished Marketing Strategist with experience in PR. Victoria loves curating stories and experiences for consumers- whether it be to evoke emotion or action. When not developing new story angles or pitches, Victoria can be found traveling the world or she might be home cooking and binge watching one of her favorite TV shows.
image of Will Hailer - Partner
Will Hailer
Will Hailer started eStreet.co to help businesses create authentic experiences for consumers. Before eStreet.co, Will spent 15 years in one of the most difficult verticals: politics. His highlights: managing a $25 million nationwide ad campaign, growing an organization's annual budget from $500k to $10 million, electing Doug Jones in Alabama, and restructuring the DNC. Needless to say, Will gets it done.