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We are a small firm dedicated to fighting for issues we all equally believe in. We take pride in crafting engaging platforms through modern storytelling, cutting edge videography and design, as well as developing strategies for engagement and audience outreach.

Our Partners

Regardless of whether they’re hopping on a client call or putting out fires, our partners Will and Tim live and breathe the values of eStreet! Values centered around the engine behind our work… people!

Partner of Estreet Co

Will Hailer


Partner 2 of Estreet Group

Tim Mynett


Our Team

We couldn’t do the work we do without our people! We show up with one goal in mind every day — build hype. Our team brings more than a century of experience into the fold, and we are ready and willing to use every last second of it. With us, you are more than just a client, you’re a part of our team!

Business Development Director

Tiffany McFarland Olcese

Business Development Director

Business Development Manager

Paul Muñoz

Account Director

Video Content Associate

Enrique Gutierrez

Digital Ads Buyer

Digital Ads Buyer

Victoria Suan

Senior Video Producer

Art Director

Sammantha Watson

Research Director

Hype written with lights


We aren’t just an advertising agency or PR firm — we are writers, coders, designers, brand builders, and marketers that live and breathe one word: HYPE.

People Powered

Our work isn’t the same every day, and it very well shouldn’t be. We like to think of our projects as dynamic entities, because the people we work with are dynamic entities. These days, brands need more than just a consultant, they need a hype agent!

Personalized Partners

Every brand is different. Every one of our employees is different. Each person reading this is different. We celebrate that difference and understand that sometimes a different lens is all you need to achieve your goals. That is what we bring to work every day (and sometimes nights).

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Where we are

Phoenix, AZ

Long Beach, CA

Sacramento, CA

Washington, DC

Chicago, IL

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(916) 209-0335