Gold River Distillery


Gold River Distillery boasts a rich history of producing high-quality spirits in Sacramento County. However, their former website and brand did not speak to the distillery’s unique story and stellar products. We optimized the website to improve the shop domain and created a style guide to build out their premium brand and market reach.

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The Challenge
Update the website on both mobile and desktop to minimize the steps to conversion
Better package the distillery’s brand for local and national expansion
Attract the eye of potential investors and customers with a clean, usable website
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New Visitors Due to Site Optimization

The Strategy

Our web design team created Gold River Distillery’s website with speed, security, usability, and sale conversions top of mind. Highlighting the convenience of shopping for Wheel House Spirits and booking tasting appointments was integral. The redesigned site leveraged the newly outlined brand guidelines and custom visual assets as calls to action to drive more traffic to the shop domain. We also overhauled their branding to attract consumers with an interest in small-batch spirits, craft cocktails, and local businesses.

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The Project

We began with stylizing the brand guidelines, designing a new logo, and shooting video and photography assets that highlighted the distillery’s local craftsmanship, high-quality products, and integrity. Along with a custom UX design, each of these elements works to establish a simple, accessible, and informative site aesthetic that draws the user into the distillery’s history and story. The e-commerce platform is the pièce de résistance of the new site, which we revamped for ease-of-use on both desktop and mobile. Our intention was to ensure usability in order to streamline the steps to conversion and drive sales.

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The website’s clean aesthetic marries video, photography, and story to illustrate a hundred-year-long commitment to producing high-quality, hand-crafted spirits.

The videography included on the home page was filmed in-house by our expert team. The goal was to visually showcase the process Gold River’s hand-crafted spirits undergo at their distillery location. The footage was then edited and used on the home page to capture the attention of both savvy mixologists and those consumers looking to purchase a high-quality, local whiskey, bourbon, absinthe, gin, or vodka.

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mobile image of project

The Result

We built Gold River Distillery a custom website that improved both our client’s and the consumer’s experience on desktop and mobile. The speed of the new site and the minimized steps to conversion have helped increase consumer traffic amongst local shoppers. The visual appeal harkens back to the distillery’s roots while building the brand as a craft spirit and cocktail expert. When coupled with a newly streamlined social media and digital ad strategy, the website plays an essential role in expanding brand awareness on a local and national scale.