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Vino Latino highlights the many contributions of Latinos in the wine industry and makes their product accessible to all wine drinkers. To help Vino Latino achieve this mission, we created an engaging, story-driven website.

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The Challenge
Design a website that reflects the mission and story of Vino Latino
Prioritize user experience and e-commerce capabilities to increase sales
Drive page views through engaging design to boost awareness of Vino Latino
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Increase in New Users

The Strategy

Vino Latino has a strong purpose, an interesting brand story, and a top-notch product. However, an updated and engaging website was needed to serve as a marketing tool and increase their brand awareness. Ease of use and flawless design had to be top of mind. To create brand loyalty, page visitors needed to quickly grasp the rich tradition and equalizing purpose Vino Latino stands for.

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The Project

To attract new customers to Vino Latino wines, we crafted a user-centric website that forefronted the brand’s mission and story. Vino Latino wines are accessible to all, as is the website our team brought to life. Bright colors, playful graphics, and the striking Vino Latino logo were all at the forefront of the new website design. The design brought people in and the e-commerce capabilities we built minimized the steps to sales conversion.

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Standing out in a crowded market is tough. But with a website that reflects a strong brand identity and mission, we are able to attract new customers, tell them the Vino Latino story, and increase sales.

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The Result

With the help of a redesigned, story-driven website, Vino Latino exceeded expectations. As a relatively new player, the brand was faced with making a mark. The redesigned website was vital in reaching this goal. By clearly presenting the brand mission and making it easy to buy the product, the Vino Latino website continues to attract new customers and convert sales.