Vino Latino


Vino Latino highlights the many contributions of Latinos in the wine industry and makes their product accessible to all wine drinkers. To help Vino Latino achieve this mission, we created engaging, story-driven social media messaging.

The Challenge
Introduce a newly launched wine brand to the digital market through engaging, unique and fun feeds on Instagram and Facebook
Drive consumers to the website to increase sale conversions and grow Vino Latino’s online community
Break the stigma that wine has to be expensive to be delicious and drinkable
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The Strategy

Vino Latino wines are solely sold online. This meant we needed to build their Instagram and Facebook feeds to carry the brunt of their outreach and sales conversion efforts. Our first step was to flesh out their brand personality and then translate this personality into a visual identity with a cohesive color palette. Lifestyle photography and jubilant copy helped us showcase the experiential, community-forward quality of Vino Latino wines without being traditionally promotional.

The Project

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The Result

We created Instagram and Facebook feeds that captured Vino Latino’s celebratory brand personality and mission. This helped the brand attract eyes on the online shelf and establish a community amongst consumers looking for an affordable and delicious wine produced by a Latino brand. As the brand continues to grow, we will optimize our social media strategy to improve engagement, increase sales conversions and boost Vino Latino’s consumer reach.