Teas With Meaning

PR & Messaging

Teas With Meaning is a Black- and woman-owned small business garnering a growing following with shoppers and the media. With a well-crafted brand voice and style, the brand was looking to improve the quality of their social media feeds to match that of their product. Our team devised a strategy to cultivate Teas With Meaning as an expert in the health, wellness, and lifestyle sector through on-trend, eye-catching, and polished visuals and copy.

The Challenge
Advance Teas With Meaning’s social media strategy to improve engagement, impressions, shares, and follows
Create branded and shareable content to post on Facebook and Twitter to present Teas With Meaning as a health, wellness, and lifestyle expert
Design a cohesive social media look and feel to establish Teas With Meaning’s visual storytelling style
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Increase in Shares across Facebook and Twitter

The Strategy

Teas With Meaning is firmly rooted in who they are as a brand. Our team’s job was to translate their well-established sense of self into a refined social media presence to attract more followers. We knew Teas With Meaning required a feed that was unique to their brand, which led our design team to develop two different content series: Mantra Monday and Spilling The Tea. These content series featured a refreshed and cohesive color palette specific to Teas With Meaning and was designed to be shared by the brand’s followers. Our goal was to increase Teas With Meaning’s engagement, impressions, and follower count through the two new content series—both of which included branded elements to draw new, interested shoppers to the Teas With Meaning Facebook and Twitter pages.

Increase in Impressions across Facebook and Twitter

The Project

As a brand, Teas With Meaning prioritizes mental health, wellness, self-care, and celebrating Black small business owners. Our team created the Mantra Monday series to expand upon the brand’s health and wellness mission through visually-appealing graphics posted every Monday. We then researched and produced the Spilling The Tea series to tap into the latest social media trends, namely the carousels of graphics discussing social activism and education on important issues. We began this series with the colonial history of tea. Both series helped instill a more cohesive and polished visual identity on Teas With Meaning’s Facebook and Twitter pages. In addition, our design team designed story and graphic templates to complement Teas With Meaning’s in-feed posts.

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Creating beautiful and shareable content not only increased consumer engagement but also established Teas With Meaning as a health, wellness, and lifestyle expert with a strong brand voice and visual identity.

Adapting trends to fit your voice, style, and brand is one surefire way to succeed on social media. We introduced two new content series to Teas With Meaning’s Facebook and Twitter pages to refresh their feeds and increase their engagement. Consumers want to support authentic brands with similar ideals, which we helped actualize for Teas With Meaning through a new social media strategy.

mobile image of project
mobile image of project

The Result

With more consistent and improved activity in all tracked areas, Teas With Meaning saw a boost in their social media presence. Impressions rose, which led to increases in their follower count, engagement, and shares of Teas With Meaning content. Our team designed a new feed layout and visual strategy for Teas With Meaning in order to refine the brand’s Facebook and Twitter content. As a result, Teas With Meaning experienced heightened brand visibility on these platforms and expanded their consumer reach.