Republic Restoratives Distillery


Republic Restoratives Distillery produces high-quality spirits in Washington, D.C. The brand needed to revamp their website quickly before the busy holiday season to drive online sales. We helped them create a sleek, secure, and fast website that they could easily edit and update.

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The Challenge
Quickly create an easy-to-use website to drive sales before the holiday shopping season
Integrate two separate online stores—one for local customers and one for national customers—into the homepage
Attract new e-commerce customers with a simple yet eye-catching website that centralizes their intriguing brand story
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The Strategy

The key to boosting online sales during the holiday season is an intuitive, user-friendly website. We aimed to combine Republic Restorative’s unique brand voice with a minimalist design to create a website that allows the brand to keep track of analytics in order to optimize based on sales and consumer response.

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The Project

We helped Republic Restoratives quickly rejuvenate their website, implementing a design that evokes a strong brand identity. This strategic design enabled us to build a lightning-quick website that focuses on online sales. Based on the analytics of the old site, we gleaned that most customers were based in the D.C. region, so we prioritized the regional e-commerce store throughout the interior pages. We also saw that customers visited the cocktail pages often, so we included recipes with product descriptions. Our team enabled a Content Management System (CMS) to enable quick and easy editing of all website content.

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A customizable, minimal website not only speeds up loading time and increases accessibility, but also drives regional and national online sales.

Websites that load slowly lose page visitors. By streamlining the updated website for Republic Restoratives with a new-and-improved design, we were able to speed up the site and attract more customers to the integrated regional and national online shops.

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The Result

Building on the design and unique story of Republic Restoratives, we created a secure and fast website. Compared to their old website, we sped up loading time and increased accessibility. We also helped the client save money on hosting and built in a low-cost content editing system. Working together with Republic Restoratives, we were able to capture the spirit of the brand—and the needs of their customers—in a website that will continue to perform and drive sales.