Petaluma Gap Winegrowers Alliance


The Petaluma Gap Winegrowers Alliance is the voice of the region’s wine industry. As one way to support their members during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Alliance hired our team to produce a professional promotional video telling the personal stories of local winegrowers.

The Challenge
Assist wineries in marketing their new direct-to-consumer sales efforts
Raise awareness of local, family-owned wineries during the COVID-19 pandemic
Tell a cohesive story including multiple wineries in the Petaluma Gap AVA
project image
More Views Than Most Popular Video on Petaluma Gap YouTube Channel

The Strategy

Our team created a captivating video to share the stories of the local wine industry in the Petaluma Gap within the context of other challenges the industry previously faced. Video brought these stories to life, showcasing how COVID-19 impacted the wine-growing families and businesses and how they would adapt to a new economic reality. A well-produced and engaging video encouraged shares on social media, spreading the word beyond the immediate community.

The Project

To help wineries in the Petaluma Gap affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, we captured and edited high-quality video of their vineyards, production facilities, staff, and families. This video highlighted the incredible grit of the winemakers of the region, who have faced and survived challenge after challenge in recent years.

Captivating video highlighting the people who make up an industry provides engaging stories of resilience that draw consumers in and boost the marketing efforts of the brands involved.

Connecting to new and existing consumers during a global crisis is difficult. Through a visually stunning video, we helped highlight the real human stories behind the Petaluma Gap AVA. This video could be shared across digital platforms to help businesses in the region reach out to consumers during a difficult time.

The Result

We helped the Petaluma Gap Winegrowers Alliance showcase local winemakers, growers, and proprietors. This helped companies and individuals communicate firsthand how COVID-19 affected their businesses and encouraged consumers to support wineries through online sales. The Alliance also shared the video in their newsletter to celebrate the strength and ingenuity of the winegrowers and makers in the region.