Oregonic Tonic

PR & Messaging

As a family-owned and -operated brand, Oregonic Tonic has a thriving following in the Portland kombucha scene thanks to its high-quality products and authentic brand. However, the team wanted to grow their following, reach, and engagement in order to expand their brand overall. We launched a new social media strategy to help Oregonic Tonic accomplish their short- and long-term business goals and attract more shoppers.

The Challenge
Grow Oregonic Tonic’s following, engagement, and impressions across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
Create a cohesive look and feel across Oregonic Tonic’s social media feeds through polished visuals and on-brand copy
Maintain the uniqueness and integrity of the Oregonic Tonic brand while authentically expanding their reach
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Total Impressions Across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

The Strategy

Oregonic Tonic is an authentic brand with a clear voice and vision that really resonates with their local community. It was integral when taking over the management of their social media to maintain this voice and vision. We developed our strategy around a style guide, which included criteria for posting consistency, copy tone, and photo editing. Our design team also created a set of templates and assets to outline the types of shareable content we wanted to build out on each social platform.

Increase in Engagement on Twitter in 3 Months

The Project

In addition to staying top of mind with their loyal brand fans, Oregonic Tonic wanted to expand brand awareness and visibility amongst a broader audience. Our goal was to polish their presence on social media to attract more eyes to their brand. This included creating assets like story templates, cocktail illustrations and recipes, branded gifs, and more to cultivate a consistent visual style and cue for the Oregonic Tonic brand. Because Oregonic Tonic is an outdoorsy lifestyle brand, our creative team also reflected these qualities in the visuals. This led us to shoot high-quality photography that included product, cocktail, and lifestyle shots. Each shot was edited with Oregonic Tonic’s natural color palette in mind to achieve feed cohesiveness and was complemented with copy that fit the brand’s personality.

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Elevating the visuals of Oregonic Tonic’s social media feeds helped to reflect the caliber of their kombucha across every aspect of their brand and drive more consumer eyes to their product.

First impressions are everything. On social media, this translates to eye-catching feeds. Our team implemented a strategy that created a cohesive, polished, and on-brand visual look and feel for the Oregonic Tonic brand.

mobile image of project
mobile image of project
mobile image of project

The Result

We took over the management of Oregonic Tonic’s social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Our goal was to expand brand awareness by enhancing the quality of their visuals and copy. In just three months, we improved the brand’s activity in all tracked areas, including engagement, followership, impressions, and posts shared. This boosted Oregonic Tonic’s visibility amongst their target audience. By designing a more cohesive visual style, we helped keep Oregonic Tonic top of mind with consumers, increasing product sales as a result.