Local Vintners PSA


Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, wineries in the counties surrounding Sacramento had to close their tasting rooms and rethink their business models. To help share a positive message and ideas on how to stay afloat, our team produced a high-quality video highlighting the stories of vintners in the region.

The Challenge
Raise awareness of e-commerce offerings of local, family-run wineries
Communicate a message that honors the challenges faced by vintners while also spreading hope
Share real stories of hardship faced by local winemakers due to the COVID-19 pandemic
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The Strategy

The COVID-19 pandemic shook up the wine industry in immeasurable ways. From closed tasting rooms to decreased restaurant orders, wineries and winemakers had to adapt. Our team set out to spread the word about how wineries surrounding the Sacramento area—specifically in Amador, Yolo, Sonoma, and Napa counties—were meeting the challenge. We chose to produce a documentary-style video to share their stories.

The Project

When our team set out to collect and share the stories of local vintners facing the challenge of a pandemic, we were hyper aware of the social mood of the time. To promote the local wine industry while maintaining an empathetic tone, our team chose to shoot a documentary-style video. Showing the actual situation of these vintners honored the challenge they were facing and shared the tactics each vintner chose to survive the downturn.

Video storytelling allows for unrivaled creativity to share a message. In choosing a documentary style, our team was able to communicate the seriousness of a situation while also inspiring hope for the future.

Family-owned wineries depend on their tasting rooms to drive sales. Through our documentary-style promotional video, we helped local vintners communicate how they quickly adopted e-commerce capabilities and altered how they continued to serve their customers.

The Result

Our resulting promotional video empathetically shared the challenges and successes of local vintners during a difficult time. At the time we released the video, the future of the pandemic looked bleak. By addressing how each of the featured wineries planned to overcome the challenges posed by the pandemic, we were also able to share a glimmer of hope on the near horizon.