Happy Jack Smoking Club


Happy Jack Smoking Club is on a mission to reinsert art and ritual into cannabis culture through its artist-inspired clothing line. Our team created unique artwork to fit with the brand’s existing logo, which we also digitized for ease of use across multiple platforms and media.

The Challenge
Create a visual identity that can be seamlessly communicated across small packaging, websites, merchandise, and more
Digitize hand-drawn, bespoke art and designs
Incorporate artwork back into the cannabis industry through an inspiring visual brand identity
project image

The Strategy

To help Happy Jack on his journey to flip the script on cannabis use, we created a cohesive and unique visual identity to communicate his message across analog and digital platforms and media. To stand out against the corporate, cookie cutter approach of large cannabis conglomerates, our designers created visuals and package design that spoke to the rebellious and ritualistic roots of cannabis. The designs work both to catch the eyes of potential customers and to communicate a strong message, be it via a T-shirt or product packaging.

The Project

Our team started with digitizing the unique logo of Happy Jack Smoking Club. By vectorizing the highly-detailed image, our team was able to incorporate a high-quality logo—whether large or small—on all branded material, digital and analog. Our design team also created additional illustrations to match and amplify the existing Happy Jack brand voice and message. To ensure that a coherent visual identity is communicated, our team also built a brand style guide and assets including patterns, illustrations, colors, business cards, and more.

desktop image of project

Outspoken, rebellious brands need a visual identity to match—unique, digitized illustrations can accomplish just that.

Your logo is your most important brand asset. It is vital to have a digitized, yet bespoke, logo to set you apart from the competition. Our team helped Happy Jack Smoking Club stand out against the homogeneity of corporate cannabis.

The Result

Our team digitized a highly-detailed logo and created unique artwork to communicate the message of the Happy Jack Smoking Club. We also helped fashion a cohesive visual brand identity in order to communicate Happy Jack’s message across all media.