Gold River Distillery

PR & Messaging

Gold River Distillery has long held its own in the Sacramento market as a local spirits distiller with an exceptional line of products. However, with the novel coronavirus reshaping how businesses like Gold River translate the experiential qualities of their brand to the online marketplace, we took over the strategy and management of their social media feeds to increase curbside pick-up and in-store sales.

The Challenge
Boost consumer engagement by revitalizing Gold River Distillery’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feeds
Create high-quality photography and graphics to invigorate the visual appeal of Gold River Distillery’s social media presence
Drive more website traffic and curbside pick-up sales through eye-catching visuals and fun, informative social copy
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Increase in Overall Engagement in 3 Months

The Strategy

With Gold River Distillery’s tasting room operating in a different capacity in 2020, we reformulated their social media strategy to keep brand loyalty on the up and up. We wanted Sacramento-based consumers to remember to pick up Gold River’s Wheel House label products and California shoppers to consistently add these products to their cart at their local stores. Our social media team accomplished this by improving engagement on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Our goal was to continue to connect with loyal brand fans and introduce Gold River to new audiences through an updated and refined social media presence.

Increase in Followers

The Project

Our social media team infused Gold River Distillery’s social feeds with more upscale cocktail photography and graphics. To capture the history of the brand, our design team created timeless graphics with a 1900s-esque feel and coordinated photography that showcased how well local ingredients pair with Wheel House Spirits in crafty cocktails. These visuals highlighted the various at-home uses of Wheel House products to encourage consumers to try the spirits for themselves and make repeat purchases. Our copywriters supported these visuals with pairing suggestions, themed fun, and on-brand puns to connect with consumers. We also continued to center the distillery’s unique history and founder.

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Consistently posting high-quality photography, graphics, and copy across Gold River Distillery’s social media feeds improved consumer engagement and loyalty, which translated to better sales conversions.

Social media is all about earning and maintaining the right kind of attention. Keeping consumers engaged is imperative for brands looking to drive more shoppers to their website, curbside pickup stations, or local stores. Our team amplified Gold River Distillery’s consumer reach by polishing their social presence and honing their posts to what would make the biggest impact with their consumers.

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mobile image of project
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The Result

In just three months, we increased Gold River Distillery’s engagement and followership across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Our team of brand builders, social media strategists, designers, and copywriters worked to improve how the distillery was telling their story across social media. This included revamping Gold River’s photography and visual assets, streamlining the copy, and doubling down on showcasing how the distillery’s target audience could support an authentic, local, and unique brand. Refreshing Gold River’s social media feeds also helped keep curbside pick-up and in-store sales up.