Farmer Murph


Farmer Murph is a passion project seeking to make a larger impact beyond selling fresh fruits and vegetables. Inspired by World War II Victory Gardens, this one-of-a-kind brand is on a mission to educate and empower communities to lead healthy, sustainable lives. We created Farmer Murph a compelling logo that captured the brand in a dynamic way.

The Challenge
Design a logo from scratch that encapsulates Farmer Murph’s story and community mission
Create a portfolio of brand assets for social media and the website to inspire consumer engagement
Establish guidelines to define the visual cues and color palette of the Farmer Murph brand
project image

The Strategy

Our team wanted Farmer Murph’s logo to set the tone for the brand’s visual style of storytelling. Farmer Murph was born out of its founder’s knack for gardening. However, instead of simply supplying restaurants with fresh produce, Farmer Murph was launched to serve as a community resource for people looking to grow their own fresh food. Our in-house illustrator wanted to allude to this passion for others—and who’s more passionate than dogs? After hearing about the founder’s canine companions, our illustrator chose to center Duke the dog to highlight the brand’s local, friendly feel.

The Project

The Farmer Murph brand is community-forward, uplifting, and unpretentious. Our illustrator blended each of these qualities into a cohesive logo that our team believed would resonate with consumers. We also wanted to position Farmer Murph as an expert any community could turn to for gardening tips and encouragement. We fleshed this out in brand assets, like patterns, illustrations, stickers, business cards, social media headers, and more. This also included developing a color palette for the brand. Our design team incorporated the natural textures and colors from the Farmer Murph garden, pulling reds from ripe tomatoes, greens from basil leaves, and yellows from summer squash.

desktop image of project

A thoughtfully designed logo paying homage to Farmer Murph’s story and passions established the brand’s visual storytelling style and made an impact with its target audience.

An effective logo can convince consumers to commit to one brand over another. As a new-to-the-scene brand, Farmer Murph needed a logo as distinct as its mission. Our design team illustrated a fun logo to make an impression on consumers and communicate Farmer Murph’s passion for health, sustainability, and community.

mobile image of project
mobile image of project

The Result

Farmer Murph inspires people to not be afraid to get a little dirt under their fingernails. However, not everyone has a green thumb—which is where Farmer Murph steps in. With a fresh, fun, and well-drawn logo that speaks to its story, mission, and passion, Farmer Murph is already making an impact with consumers looking to support authentic brands. Our design team created a beautiful logo, nature-inspired imagery, and on-brand assets that have helped Farmer Murph connect with consumers. In addition, the logo and brand assets have helped to expand brand visibility and awareness amongst Farmer Murph’s target audience.