Coal Headwear


Coal Headwear is an outdoor lifestyle brand with a robust brick-and-mortar presence. They wanted to increase their e-commerce sales and expand their digital brand reach. We helped Coal Headwear develop an omnichannel marketing strategy to increase sales and reach new customers.

The Challenge
Effectively target people who show purchase intent and have them convert
Increase brand awareness and recognition through compelling advertisements
Stay competitive in a saturated market during the peak of holiday shopping
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ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) on Facebook

The Strategy

We developed an omnichannel digital marketing strategy to launch across Google, Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram. This included testing static and GIF ad creative while pairing both with on-brand, succinct, and catchy copy that evokes the outdoorsy lifestyle experience of Coal Headwear’s products. Our research highlighted three key audiences with high-purchase intent to test, resulting in optimal ROAS and delivery scalability.

of conversions driven by retargeting efforts

The Project

We tested multiple ad creatives with copy variations across each platform to provide us with insights to strategically guide our optimizations throughout the campaign. Because video typically performs better than static, we chose to create GIFs, which helped showcase more than just one product and infused some fun into the visuals. The result was a high volume of website traffic, add to carts, and purchases. Retargeting efforts increased online sales dramatically throughout the campaign’s life span.

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Audience, creative, and copy testing resulted in data-driven optimizations that drove mass reach, brand awareness, engagement, and sales through compelling calls to action and unique visuals.

On average it takes eight touchpoints to generate a viable sales lead. Our goal with the Coal Headwear digital campaign was to maximize a consumer’s opportunity to come into contact with one of our ads. This is why we paired an omnichannel approach with eye-catching visuals like high-performing GIFs. We also researched Google and Pinterest keywords as well as interest-based targeting methods to seamlessly reach our target audience wherever they may be.

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mobile image of project
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remarketing cost per purchase

The Result

The Coal Headwear digital advertising campaign garnered over $82,000 in e-commerce sales on Facebook and Instagram alone. Our retargeting efforts accounted for 71% of the sales conversions, with an average cost per purchase of $1.65; the average cost per product on the Coal Headwear site is $22. The campaign continues to attract customers and drive strong sales results across Google, Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram.