To boost sales in states outside of California, we assisted Bogle Vineyards in advertising its Phantom wine with an eye toward national expansion. We created engaging and targeted digital ads that drove an increase in brand awareness and purchase intent.

The Challenge
Introduce a California wine to the Texas market
Design an engaging digital ad to expand brand awareness
Drive traffic to the Phantom website
project image
Website Traffic from Digital Ads

The Strategy

Bogle Vineyards wanted to grow the reach of Phantom wine in a new market. An engaging digital ad was needed to pique the interest of online viewers. With an increasing number of people purchasing alcohol online, we crafted a digital ad that could cut through the noise. The ads reflected the unique character of the wine while being visually appealing enough to attract new customers.

Ad Viewers Used Website ZIP Code Search Bar

The Project

Our digital ads and design team crafted copy and visuals that propelled brand awareness and website traffic. The final ad capitalized both on the holiday season and the current news cycle, while adhering to the haunting brand guidelines of Phantom. The video ad was created and placed on Facebook and Instagram in the targeted areas. Optimization was necessary to increase the overall views of the ad across social media.

A targeted digital ad campaign helped increase brand awareness and generate buying interest among those who interacted with the ad.

The Result

Awareness of Phantom wine reached a higher number of users than anticipated. With a strong call to action, “Find the Phantom,” our ads intrigued viewers and generated website visits. More importantly, many of those who landed on the Phantom website via an ad used the store locator search tool to find where to buy Phantom near their location. This demonstrates a high propensity to purchase, therefore successfully introducing Phantom wine to a new market.