Let’s face it, this virus’ hit on the economy has not been limited to the wine and beverage industry. Yet, it is understandably difficult to see beyond our community when it is so visibly shaken. As we speak to our clients and friends in the community, we have noticed two common approaches:

Stay silent or be brash—but there is another way!


Strong and silent type?

Each day we wake up to confusion and ever changing reports about this terrible pandemic. When tragedy strikes in our country we often see those who quickly try to capitalize on the moment for financial gain – but staying quiet in this time of financial stress on everyone ultimately creates more stress for you, your brand and loyalty to your brand. 


The Vocalist

Because of the financial toll this is taking on our industry and because so many consumers are sheltered at home, some folks are inundating their client mailing lists and social followers with COVID-19 warnings and precautions to the point where their audience is tuning them out. Others are trying to capitalize in ways that could be deemed disrespectful of the sick and dying, and the dire situation our nation is experiencing. We wish we hadn’t accurately predicted this, but we have seen multiple 19% off sales since the outbreak.


Our Recommendation: The Concerned Partner

Your company can both adapt your business to the current climate while still being a conscious and concerned partner for your customers. We understand that in this stressful time, people are home and still reaching for their familiar comforts of food and beverage. It’s time to rethink your distribution channels and your customer’s habits; servicing them through to-go options, online ordering, DTC ads and solutions and home delivery is the new norm needed for ALL of us to get through this tough time. And, reaching your customers through digital marketing and social media is more effective than ever.

Our most successful clients are currently operating under this third category, and their customers and community are very happy to support them – especially when the messaging is effective, authentic and highlights workers being impacted. 

When it comes to riding this storm, are you going to hide and watch the floods rise, or get in your boat and figure out your next destination? Your customers are adapting their habits to meet this new way of life, and it is our advice that you adapt with them. The country and economy will recover, but this time will forever change how customers approach their purchasing and consumption.


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