Why We’re Still Talking About Instagram Aesthetic

Instagram recently turned a decade old. Why are we still so obsessed with the social platform? It’s all about the visuals.

Over its decade of existence, Instagram has influenced the development of certain aesthetic rules and customs. We all have those friends who have a polished Instagram feed – pastel colored photos from vacation hotspots, perfect shots of an abundant brunch.

Instagram is just as important for brands as it is for everyone else. A coherent, brand-specific Instagram aesthetic can encourage a viewer to read your copy. It will help develop and sustain your brand language. It also invites your target audience to engage with your brand on a deeper level.

Entice your viewer to learn more

There’s a glut of information online today. Blogs, advertisements, and social posts with too much text or boring visuals are simply ignored. Striking visuals can combat information overload. Reel in your viewer with your unique aesthetic that tells a story. Your viewer will be more likely to read the caption below, and even more likely to find out more on your company website.

Build a unique visual language

A cohesive Instagram aesthetic can make or break a brand. Define what your brand stands for and how your product or service adds value to potential customers by building and sticking to a unique visual language. This will boost your Instagram cred while also showing what your brand is all about.

Create a dreamworld for your target audience

We are all spending way more time online. No one can blame us for wanting to escape the trials and tribulations of 2020, at least for a little while. An intriguing brand aesthetic built on Instagram will invite your target audience to spend some down time with your brand. Posting high-quality, evocative images invites viewers to lose themselves in a dreamworld of your creation.

Yes, achieving a seamless brand aesthetic on Instagram may take some work. But it is a necessary tool to deepen relationships with new and returning customers alike.