Why Digital Ads are Worth the Investment

Ads are Easily Measurable.

Effective advertising is important, and many digital advertising platforms have helpful quantifiable metrics to monitor advertisement engagement. You can get a better return on your investment by developing strategies based on feedback from your digital ads. The three key indicators of analyzing ads are:

  1. Impressions: The number of times which people interacted with your ad
  2. Link Clicks: The number of times someone clicked on the link tied to your ad
  3. Bounce Rate: The rate at which people immediately click out of your site

Targeted Audience.

Unlike traditional advertising on TV or in print, digital advertising can allow you to target specific audiences. Digital advertisements are designed to be shown to relevant demographics that are more likely to engage with your content, not mass groups of randomized consumers — which can lead to wasted advertising and money. Many digital platforms even allow you to market to people with specific geographic locations or interests. Digital ads can even be used to retarget people who have previously engaged with your page, product, or ad!

Quick to Market.

Digital ads can be bought and marketed quickly and, when you make that inevitable uh-oh, they can be easily modified in the middle of a campaign. In fact, you can often increase or decrease the amount of money you put into a digital ad after monitoring its effectiveness. The benefit of quick marketing is the ability to capitalize on the latest topics and trends. Adjusting your ads in real time allows for marketing strategy adjustments in real time which can make ads incredibly cost effective.