The Importance of Branding

There’s much more to a brand than a logo. While your logo is important, it’s not the only thing that upholds brand identity and integrity. Brand colors, fonts, styles, graphics, photography, and brand voice all play an important role in brand identity.

Create a cohesive visual

You want your brand to look similar across all types of mediums so your audience recognizes it. From your product and website to your social media, advertising, and marketing collateral, your brand should stay consistent and follow its branding style.

When developing a brand, it’s important to maintain the mission statement to make sure that a cohesive vision is portrayed in every piece.

Build a style guide

How does your brand present itself visually? On social media, do you edit your photos with the same color palette used across your logo and website?

Sticking to your style guidelines will maintain the consistency of your brand. It reinforces the visual cues of your logo and makes your brand recognizable.

Maintain brand integrity

Reputation is important and, if your brand loses that integrity, your consumers will feel that value is diminished. Brand integrity is how your audience recognizes the company.

For example, say your company states and promotes that sustainability is integral to your product. Yet the packaging isn’t recyclable or the product is made of something harmful to the environment. This causes the brand to lose its integrity.

Another example could be that you display a product on your website but your consumer receives something different when it is delivered. Brand integrity ensures your shoppers will return to your brand and make repeat purchases.

Don’t forget to also monitor your brand by learning and listening to how your audience is engaging with it, which our team of brand builders can help you with. Let us take your brand to the next level!