A Personalized Digital Ad Approach Will Boost Your Business in 2021

Having an online presence is no longer an option; it is a necessity to compete and grow in today’s market. The novel coronavirus has dramatically altered consumer spending habits in just one year, elevating e-commerce to the forefront of retail.

Digital Commerce 360 Analysis has quoted online spending at 21.3% of total retail sales last year, compared with 15.8% the year prior. In addition, Digital Commerce noted, “If it weren’t for the bump in online sales from the pandemic, the $861.12 billion in e-commerce sales wouldn’t have been reached until 2022.” If you’re not promoting your brand online and capitalizing on the increase in online activity, then your brand will fall behind. Our media buying team can partner with you to better reach your consumers in the cyber realm.

But why choose our agency over another? Our full-service, in-house marketing team is truly unique on the agency circuit because of the experience we provide.

Receive a personalized plan for your brand

Our team is small but mighty. We work in tandem with our clients to form a relationship in which we sit down together and walk through goals, set milestones, and plan for long-term success. Our end goal is to ease your pain points, so let us handle getting your product into the hands of the consumers.

To accomplish this, we deep dive into your brand and then recommend the best steps moving forward with a personalized media plan. Through extensive research on audiences, identifying the proper campaign objectives, the right social and programmatic platforms to be on, as well as direct buy opportunities, we create a fully customized plan that best suits your needs and goals.

Have access to in-depth analysis every step of the way

Our personalized plans are built with the big picture in mind. We set clearly defined key performance indicators (KPIs), goals, and expectations. To remain on track, we measure against primary and secondary metrics and contextualize the data by comparing the results against internal and industry benchmarks.

Our team is hands-on. We never launch a campaign and step away only to return when it has completed. At eStreet, our team of experts actively optimizes, tests, and reports findings to enhance performance and keep costs low.

We are honest and transparent, and we let the data speak for itself. Our reporting is robust. We not only analyze ad performance, but we also breakdown creative and copy details, identify your audience demographic, analyze their online behavior, and breakdown insightful website analytics. Expect actionable insights backed by data.

Enjoy full transparency

We never stop testing, which is how you know your digital marketing team is executing properly. When you uncover a weak audience, drop it. When you find a winner, scale.

Throughout the process, I’ll be the first to tell you if an audience is underperforming. Because we actively monitor ad performance, we typically catch underperformance early and pivot. We’ve learned through our many years of experience that sometimes recommended audiences are not always the highest performing, which is why it’s important to think outside the box and adapt to find a solution. In one instance, an audience change recommendation increased my client’s ROAS by 3.5x. This is why we value and practice full transparency.

With the right digital ad strategy, your brand can achieve its full potential. Partner with our agency to actualize the growth of your business in 2021.