Making Way for BIPOC Brands

Spread Awareness Of BIPOC Brands

Looking for a cake to celebrate your best friend’s birthday? Try googling “black owned bakeries near me.” Word-of-mouth serves as the most effective medium to spreading awareness of, and creating business for, BIPOC brands. Services and goods that BIPOC Brands provide require amplification through social media, marketing, advertising, and media in order to support them. Go a step further by leaving genuine reviews on Yelp, Google Reviews, Facebook, etc. to help close the racial wealth gap in America.

How To Find BIPOC Brands

The internet is your friend! Get on Google and search for locally-owned BIPOC businesses that have the services and goods you need. Then, become a resource for your friends by curating a list of BIPOC brands to reference and share in the future! Remember, continue to support these brands every single day. Don’t just do it because it’s a “trend” – your decisions genuinely impact the lives of the BIPOC community.

BIPOC Brands enforce community-building

Many BIPOC businesses are locally owned and, thus, serve as catalysts for local employment opportunities. Buying from BIPOC businesses instills a sense of pride and empowerment amongst the owners and citizens of the local community. This is a vehicle for cultural celebration and representation amongst new verticals. Supporting BIPOC brands attracts community investors which helps increase employment and establishes a positive reputation.