How to Play Offense on Twitter

Twitter may seem like nothing more than a platform for angry customers to vent or for bots to spread misinformation. Is Twitter really a worthwhile platform for your brand? Playing offense on Twitter can help your brand in surprising ways.

Of course, an active profile on Twitter can help you raise awareness and boost engagement. But taking a truly active position on the platform can help you enter into current cultural, political, and industry conversations. Trade industries, thought leaders, and the media are all very active on Twitter, and many are happy to hear from a brand in a relevant space.

To take your Twitter game to the next level, follow and actively reach out to leading industry figures or groups and journalists in your industry.

Deepen Industry Connections

Trade and industry associations act as a single voice for the sector they represent. It is their job to stay on top of policy and trends that impact their industries. Twitter is a helpful way to keep up with important news and the positions that relevant associations take. Give a few of these groups a follow on Twitter to stay up-to-date. If you are a member of a specific group, reach out and ask them for a shoutout. You might even gain a few additional followers.

Industry thought leaders are also very active on the platform. Create Twitter Lists to see updates from fellow business owners, influential CEOs, or politicians who work closely with your industry. If you have something to say in response to a Tweet, by all means leave a comment or quote the original Tweet. Don’t be afraid to voice your educated opinion!

The Media Matter

Journalists are infamous denizens of the Twittersphere. They use the platform to share their bylines, scan breaking news, and even search for sources. From large, international publications to small and specific trade outlets, a variety of journalists are active on the platform. Use this to your advantage!

Search for the leading publications and journalists writing about your industry or related product. More likely than not, they will have a Twitter account. Give them a follow and send them a message commenting on a recent article. Who knows, next time they are looking for a comment from someone in the industry you might come to mind.

Journalists also often ask for sources via the platform. Frequently scanning your Twitter feed can become an opportunity to insert your brand into a national conversation. When journalists share their articles, they often tag the company mentioned. This is a great way to boost visibility among a large audience.

If you aim to boost the profile of your brand, play offense on Twitter to join relevant conversations. This will take time and effort, but the potential rewards are high. If you find that this approach is taking too much time out of your busy day, ditch it! No one says you have to maintain an active presence on the platform. But if you choose to, you have the ability to foster profitable relationships within your industry and the journalists who cover it.