Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Give More Than You Get on Social Media

Your time is precious. As a business owner, you probably wish there were more hours in the day. But sometimes our time is spent where it’s not always needed. Depending on your business, this could include social media.

Social media is a crowded market. In 2018, Instagram reached one billion active users, while Facebook is close to hitting three billion. While most social platforms are free to use, they tend to eat up our time and our marketing budgets if we’re not careful.

Developing a social strategy with high quality and visually appealing content is important—but what if this strategy isn’t yielding the results you want to see? While social media offers undeniable opportunities, your brand might benefit from a different approach to optimization.

Thousands of likes do not always equate to thousands of dollars in sales

The goal of every social media strategy should be sales conversions. But, first and foremost, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and TikTok are all ways to connect with your target audience. Consistent posts help strengthen customer loyalty, shopper interest, and brand integrity—all of which are important when building a following of shoppers and repeat purchasers.

Each platform provides a playground for your brand to explore different ways of reminding shoppers of your products and services—through both organic social and targeted ads. While engagement does not always equate to sales conversions, it does mean your brand is connecting with consumers.

However, if engagement remains up while sales remain down despite the hours you’ve invested in social media, it could be time to change tactics.

Quality, rather than quantity, is usually the way to go

One way to cut back on how many hours you give to social media is by minimizing the posts published to your feeds. Choosing to post quality content rather than an abundance of content can reprioritize your goals, targets, and content pillars. Every post should be engaging, eye-catching, and on-brand. If this includes a call to action (CTA), ensure shop now buttons, swipe up toggles, and links are clear, prominent, and easy to use.

Now could also be the time to brainstorm new ideas to keep your content relevant. Social media, like most of the digitalscape, is constantly evolving. If social media is beneficial to your brand, make sure you’re evolving with the platforms your target audience uses the most. On Instagram, one way to reconfigure your posting schedule is by decreasing your in-feed posts while increasing your story posts—which typically offer fun engagement options and clear CTA buttons.

Social media isn’t the way to go for everyone

And that’s okay. This is why knowing your target audience is important. If your consumers don’t use Instagram, then there’s no shame in calling it quits so that you can double down on a platform that’s better for your brand. This will optimize your time, budget, and resources.

Some businesses spend millions of dollars on social media, teaming up with influencers and building cult followings amongst users. But the key to these brands is they know how to mobilize their target audience on platforms like Instagram and Twitter because their audience is who first showed them these tricks. Memes, pop culture, and humor are ways to connect with gen Z and millennials because that’s how they operate their personal accounts.

But if memes, pop culture, and humor aren’t on-brand for your business, then there are other ways and other platforms to connect with potential shoppers. Newsletters, email updates, blogs, digital and print ads, and PR media coverage can be more effective for your business—and, again, that’s okay. Find the roots of your brand’s growth and pivot your strategy to cultivate a larger audience around those roots.

Social media doesn’t have to consume 10+ hours of your week. Spend the amount of time you think is reasonable to accomplish your goals. Or, better yet, team up with our in-house social media strategist to help you manage and grow your social presence.