Gift Guides: How PR Can Help Build Awareness For Your Brand

Holidays, celebrations, and special occasions bring excitement, but they also bring the pressure of finding the perfect gift for loved ones. Many media outlets help make gift buying easier by publishing tailored gift guides for every holiday or person in your life. Inclusion in a gift guide can help build brand awareness, further legitimize your brand, and drive sales conversions. With gift-giving occasions like Mother’s and Father’s Day coming up, it’s important to start strategizing ways to have your product featured in a gift guide that reaches target consumers on a local and/or national level.

1. Plan early.

It’s March, but Mother’s Day gift guides are already running. Media outlets search for gifts in advance to avoid that last-minute gift hunt. Make sure you have your product or offer ready to go at least two months in advance of a holiday or occasion in order to be ready for long-lead opportunities.

2. Create a unique offer or gift package.

Gift packs and promotions are common and create a competitive marketplace. Help your brand stand out by creating a special offer specifically tailored for an upcoming holiday or target audience. Whether you push seasonal products, partner with other local businesses, offer special discounts, or curate exclusive packages, craft an offer that you would be excited to give to a loved one. The more exciting or unique your product is, the more likely it is to catch the media’s—and consumers’—eyes.

3. Offer your product online.

E-commerce reigns supreme and ease of purchase is paramount. Your package should be available for purchase or at least posted directly on your website. When your PR team pitches out your product, they need to include a link to your product so that interested media contacts (and consumers) can learn more about your brand and include a link within their gift guide. This will drive traffic back to your website and help boost sales.

4. Utilize your PR team.

Your PR team is here to help you spread the word about your business. PR professionals monitor gift trends in order to help recommend the ideal package. They receive inbound media requests curating gift guides, create hyper-targeted media lists full of contacts who write about holiday trends, and know exactly how to pitch your product in order to place your brand in publications that cater to your target market. This helps you put your brand and products in front of consumers with a strong intent to purchase.

5. See your brand on a gift guide.

With the right preparation, product strategy, and a PR agency on your side, you can get your products in a gift guide—the right gift guides. Partner with our agency to help make your product the perfect gift to give to Moms and Dads everywhere.