Does Your Brand Tell a Story?

Through storytelling, you can essentially humanize your brand and communicate your company values, principles, and philosophies to your consumers. Storytelling is so powerful because it triggers a biological response. A brand story grabs attention, elicits an emotion, and engages readers across all mediums. To put it frankly, leave your marketing file in the dusty cabinet and start crafting your authentic story ASAP.

Know your Audience

In order to tell a convincing brand story, first and foremost, you must know everything about your audience. Ultimately, you want to know exactly how your brand can fill a void in their life. Ask yourself questions such as Who consumes my product? and Why do they consume my product? until you cultivate that ideal customer in your mind. Remember, always be specific when you are describing this ideal person.

Make it Irresistible

The goal of any brand is to spread the company’s name. That ideal consumer should be infatuated with your brand and your product – they should want to share it with their friends.

More specifically, your brand should do one of three things:

  1. Spark a feeling: Does it provide a warm or fuzzy thought that makes people alter their perceptions of your brand?
  2. Relate to Others: What will make others view you in the way that you intend?
  3. Empower perspectives: Does your brand validate and lift up the individual stories of each of your customers?

Be Human, Be Authentic

In order to connect with users, brands must choose and embrace different personas. If you’re not authentic, people won’t buy your product. It’s as simple as that. There is a happy medium between being too informal and being too stiff – fortunately, our team has cultivated that comfortable position in between. Consumers expect a brand’s aesthetic to match both the mission and the voice – so it is essential to develop a persona that translates across platforms.