Combat Abandoned Shopping Carts With These Cost-Saving Tips

On average, an estimated 69% of shopping carts are abandoned on e-commerce sites, amounting in billions of dollars in sales lost globally. An additional 85% of shopping carts are abandoned because websites aren’t designed for mobile. While abandoned carts are a massive problem for many businesses, the solution is quite simple: start by optimizing your website.

Unexpected fees, complicated checkout processes, and website crashes are all reasons why your shoppers are abandoning carts on your brand’s website as we speak. According to dynamic yield, 55% of shoppers abandon carts because of unexpected shipping costs, while an additional 21% abandon carts because checkout took too long—both of which can be easy fixes if your website is optimized on desktop and mobile.

Speed up your website’s page load time

Most shoppers don’t want to wait three seconds for a website to load—three seconds! This means the performance of each of your site’s pages must be up to par on desktop and mobile. Your online shop, especially, should load quickly and be easy to use. Eliminate anything extra that doesn’t create a seamless experience for your user.

Don’t forget about SEO

It also helps if your website doesn’t look janky. At this point in the era of the Internet, we all know what a questionable website looks like. Most of these sites fail to be SEO-friendly. You want your website to enhance your brand integrity. Updating your site to adhere to performance and accessibility standards is a great starting point, and our UX team is happy to help.

Allow shoppers to save items for later

In addition to your online shop, build a page on your site where your shoppers can save items for later. This will encourage shoppers to store products in a place other than their shopping cart, saving your business money and alerting your brand of shoppers who are interested in your product. These shoppers can then be targeted with digital ads to increase sales conversions.

Consider offering free shipping

No matter how savvy we are as online shoppers, taxes, shipping costs, and other fees still surprise us when it comes time to check out—and your shoppers are no exception. One strategy to convert shoppers at checkout is offering discounted or free shipping. While this might feel like a sacrifice, it could expand your conversions and build a loyal customer base.

Send out “Did you forget something?” emails

Don’t forget to follow up with your shoppers. Sending out abandoned cart emails is an easy way to remind shoppers to complete the checkout process. Be sure to set up a system in which emails are sent in increments, such as 24 hours, 48 hours, and five days after a cart has been abandoned. And get creative with your email template and copy to really convince shoppers that your brand is worth buying from.

While abandoned carts are littered everywhere across the digital landscape of the Internet, don’t let them congregate on your brand’s website. Our agency has a variety of experts to help you implement these tips across your website. Let’s strategize together on how we can better build brand loyalty and boost your bottom line.