Brand Values 101

People buy from brands that they know, love, and respect. With consumers overwhelmed with choices, both on the shelf and online, it has become increasingly important to authentically communicate brand values to customers.

Establish a connection.

Periodically remind your customers of who you are, what you do, and why you do it. A great way to do this is to more effectively share your origin story and why you got started with your business. Showing the faces of your team or providing a behind the scenes look at your brand is another strategic way to provide a more human connection to your company.

Know your audience.

Understand who both your audience and ideal customer are. This can provide insight into how best to communicate with them and provide content and products that they are interested in. Analytic tools like Facebook and Instagram insights are a great way to figure out who is following you online.

Be consistent.

Both online and off, your brand values, messaging, and voice should be the same. Maintaining consistent values will help build trust with your customers and ensure your messaging remains transparent and authentic. Online, your brand voice and messaging should remain the same, even across platforms.

Be honest about your challenges.

We are in a moment of brand honesty. Following the death of George Floyd, thousands of companies took to social media to express solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. Many of these posts were criticized for their inauthenticity largely because many companies had remained silent up until June 2020 about racial injustice or had not centered the voices of Black employees. These companies missed an opportunity to be vulnerable with their customers about their shortcomings and be honest about steps they should take to rectify it.

It can be difficult to simply build a brand voice- much less figure out how to communicate company values to consumers. Want to talk brand messaging? Let’s rap: