The Must-Have Checklist For Anyone Starting A New Brand

So you are thinking about starting a business, launching a new product, or creating a new brand? Congrats.

This is a huge step for any person, company, or group. This blog post is for those who have done their market research, have thought about their value proposition, and are ready for the next steps.

We put together a quick set of things you should do to start the long process of launch. To make sure your name, brand, or idea can launch, we recommend completing this checklist before you spend a dollar.

Check for a trademark.

Our favorite resource: Trademarkia. It gives you a really quick snapshot of difficulties you may have with your name and brand idea. Please note if it returns no results, that doesn’t mean you may not have issues. Depending on the size of your market share or what the business is, you should always consult with an IP/Trademark attorney. For smaller companies or brands, Trademarkia can help you through most of the steps.

See if the domain is available.

Without a website that fits your product or brand, it will be hard for consumers to find you. Our preference is Google Domains, which allows you to do a domain search. It bests the competitors for security and ease of setup and quickly integrates email options.

See if the social media handles are available.

NameChckr and KnowEm are two good sites. But note, they don’t always get it right. After you do the quick search, go and actually try and register the handles yourself. You don’t need to launch day one with every social media handle, but you should have the ones that best target the consumers you are going after.

Final step.

Go back and actually buy everything and set everything up. Don’t do that until you are sure you can get every handle, domain, and trademark you need.

If you need help through any of this process, feel free to reach out to our team at We love helping new businesses from idea to execution.