Brand Optimization is a Journey, Not a Destination

When was the last time you optimized your brand? Have you taken a step back to assess whether your brand is still reaching your loyal customers and sparking the interest of new ones?

Building a brand takes hard work. But in order to retain the power of your brand that you worked so hard to accrue, you need to be constantly optimizing. Trends come and go, and your digital ads, websites, social media, and other marketing tactics need to evolve.

What is brand optimization really?

An optimized brand connects with the target audience with a laser focus. To achieve this, you ideally need to know where your target audience is searching or browsing and what they are looking for.

A brand that seems to just “get you” has been consistently optimized to deliver a message that resonates with you.

Change is necessary—to an extent.

Technology changes. Consumer preferences change. Optimize your brand to reflect these changes, but only if it makes sense. If your target audience adopts a new social network, by all means join the conversation.

However, don’t feel pressured to rethink your entire branding strategy. If you are marketing top-rated wine to an older demographic, your brand does not need to build a presence on TikTok. But you should adopt e-commerce capabilities and a modern website to stay in line with the purchasing preferences of that target demographic.

Listen to data.

Data drives almost everything. From digital ads to product packaging, data can inform how you optimize your brand. Confused about how to best market your product online? Placing ads on Facebook or Instagram is a great way to test your design, copy, message, and more.

Without a huge ad spend, you can gather data quickly. Check the Facebook Ad Library to see how other businesses in your industry advertise their products and then test your own ads, changing one aspect at a time to gather data on which version results in more clicks. Ditch the losing version and move on. Optimization needs to be quick to remain relevant!

Continuously optimizing each aspect of your brand will help you continue to reflect where and how your target audience communicates. Strive to be the brand that “gets” your customer base and view optimization as a journey to accomplish just that.