3 Tips to Boost Your Business on LinkedIn

Every business owner knows their digital marketing strategy needs to include social media. Instagram and TikTok get all of the attention these days, but what about LinkedIn? Often seen as the stuffy cousin of other social platforms, LinkedIn can be a surprising powerhouse for B2B marketing. Make the most of the platform’s professional user base by boosting your digital presence, sharing your expertise, and networking with precision.

A Company Profile is a Primary Touchpoint—Make it Count

There are over 730 million professionals on LinkedIn. Many of these users are business owners or marketers looking to connect. With so many potential opportunities out there, make sure your company LinkedIn profile is up to snuff. There are a few free, relatively easy steps to take to build a professional company profile that intrigues viewers to find out more.

Beyond the basics of having a professional company profile picture, logo, and relevant information, make sure to plug your website as often as possible. You want to ensure that curious potential customers have a place to go if they are interested in your product or service. Ask your colleagues and existing connections to follow your company page to expand your reach. Don’t forget to promote your company profile on your personal account and across other channels.

Don’t Sell Yourself, Share Your Expertise

After setting up a spotless company profile on LinkedIn, you should start creating content. LinkedIn is a platform for ideas. However, keep in mind that no one likes to be sold to. Overly sales-y language—be it on your website, social media channels, or even newsletters—tends to have a negative impact on your brand’s reputation and sales.

Before you post anything, ask yourself if that piece of content adds value to those who are reading it and if it works to uphold your company’s reputation. Are you sharing an interesting, professional anecdote with a valuable lesson? Or perhaps a recent innovation in your industry? Followers and page passersby alike will come to see your company’s profile as a trusted source of information.

Think Beyond Networking

Beyond connecting with hundreds of people who you met at conferences over your professional career, LinkedIn is a helpful tool for lead generation and to increase your industry knowledge. With so many professionals on the platform, you are bound to find someone who is in need of your services or who can help you take your business to the next level.

Looking for leads? LinkedIn’s powerful search function allows you to find and reach out to professionals based on job title and location. While LinkedIn limits the number of searches you can perform each month, you can always upgrade to a paid plan for unlimited searches and other powerful tools. Another helpful paid option is to advertise on the platform. By targeting your ad to certain industries, locations, and job titles, you can gain the attention of professionals with a higher intent to purchase.

Perhaps you simply want to talk shop. LinkedIn groups are virtual meeting places for professionals in specific industries or with shared interests. By being even somewhat active in a group, you can ask others how to boost your B2B business or even search for collaborators for your next big project.

Building a complete company LinkedIn profile can open the door to even more opportunities for your B2B brand. From searching for relevant leads to driving followers to your website, LinkedIn is for much more than collecting connections. Of course, having a successful presence on the platform requires some time and thought. Creating a content plan or partnering with a trusted agency can help you make the most of this professional network.